i'm feeling twine

erin forsyths installation "1/2 a cup of milk" has taken over the store, a huge fleshy rambling installation comprising of thrifted and donated garments, twine, a mist generator and lush foliage. it's a futuristic garden of earthly (and unearthly) delights - and is it just me or is it equal parts dreamily romantic, and disturbingly tumour like? however you look at it, it's a sight to behold.

the installation is in instore for over a month culminating in a closing party on the 18th of march. during this time the piece will continue to evolve - please feel free to contribute your own white/cream/pink garments, bed sheets, etc.! and become a piece of the work yourself.

check out more of erin forsyth's work here and visit children of vision any time up until the 18th of march to see this beautiful piece of work.


pigeon english

article on the lovely pigeon post postcards in today's viva - snap up these little artworks quickly!!

buy online here or pop by the shop and grab a couple for your loved one (or just write a note on it and post to back to yourself...)


special k

we love karangahape road, the sleaze, the galleries, the good coffee, even the bums are (mostly) friendly. for us k road has the more character and 'soul' than any other part of auckland. and urbis magazine obviously agree, doing a large feature on the iconic street, and name dropping saint kevin's arcade as being "arguably the beating heart of k road" and plonking in a nice big pic of our store. we wouldn't wanna be anywhere else. thanks urbis!