heeling powers

one of our favourite discoveries from our buying trip to paris in september was london based shoe designer atalanta weller - her sci-fi sculptural creations were like shoe tractor beams - resistance was sorta' futile (see what I did with the whole sci-fi star trek thing there?). her shoes feature spock like extensions, futuristic rubber tubing and crystaline, faceted carved platforms - and atalanta herself is a total sweet heart, equal parts shy and totally kick ass. we love that she created shoes for gareth pugh by vacuum packing them onto the model moments before they walked on to the catwalk. genius. anyway, this is starting to sound like some kind of deranged fan letter, i'm gunna let atalanta do the talking now.

name of designer: atalanta weller

right now the time is: 2.32 pm.

and where abouts in the world are you?: london

date of birth: 21/12/1978

label name: atalanta weller

year label started: september 2009

my new collection is entitled: the landing

concept/motivation behind new collection: retro futurism, from pompei to star trek via bat for lashes

the ultimate atalanta weller lady is: confident, sexy, intelligent, and fun.

most exciting fashion moment? going to 10 downing street!

on my day off I would....: make sculptures.. make shoes .. make more sculptures ... hang out with my friends...

what do you know about new zealand? it's far away and very beautiful, and every body who goes there seems to love it.

shoot, shag or marry: shoot -a shoe film, shag- couldn't possibly tell you! , marry -a wild man..

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… shoe shaped.

thank you.


sibling rivalry

we've been fans of sibling's quirky take on men's knits for a few seasons, so it was one of our first port of calls when we hit london for fashion week, and what a lovely bunch of ladies and gents they are! cozette mccreery, sid bryan and joe bates are the trio behind the east london label, and between them they have worked for (and in some cases still consult for) the likes of giles, mcqueen, lanvin, fendi, and givency... so... ya' know, they know they're stuff!

we've ordered from their next season 'social zombie' collection, but sneaked in the iconic 'skull breton' long sleeve tee now as a little taste of what's to come. 

check out what's to come from their next collection in the hilarious video below.

Sibling Collection 4 Film from TiRA on Vimeo.

sibling skull breton tee's are instore now and online soon.


dark with happy ending

finnish designer daniel palillo is a designer going from strength to strength, taking his trademark supersized proportions and black metal aesthetics to new and exciting extremes each season. his new spring/summer collection 'renaissance' has just arrived featuring padded 3 dimensional spike shoulder pads, jester like flaps and dark prints penned by daniel himself. we probed daniel (in a nice way) about his inspirations, best fashion moments, and his knowledge of new zealand...

name of designer: daniel palillo
right now the time is: 10.39 am
and where abouts in the world are you?: helsinki, finland. my office.
date of birth: 7th january 1981 

label name: daniel palillo

year label started: 1996
my new collection is entitled: renaissance 

concept/motivation behind new collection: bondage, clowns and things close to me. music, art... 
the ultimate daniel palillo lady or gent is: it is anybody who likes my clothes. 

most exciting fashion moment? getting production started for the first time.
what do you know about new zealand? I dont know that much, but my ex girlfriend spent a year there and she liked it a lot. I trust her taste. 
shoot, shag or marry: this is hard... well I dont want to shoot anybody... but to shag, goldie hawn in old woody allen films. to marry it is too early to think this kind of things.. I get stressed when I even hear the word marriage.. 
complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… dark with happy ending. 

thank you.


from k to z

ktz designer marjan pejoski with blogger diane pernet
image courtesy of a shaded view on fashion

lets get this out of the way straight away, yes, marjan pejoski is the designer behind that infamous (and still amazing) swan dress bjork wore on the red carpet many years ago. i'm sure he's kinda over talking about it, but more importantly he's also the man behind super cool label ktz (as well as running three kokon to zai stores, having his own self titled label and many other things!) marjan was kind enough to answer a few questions about the new ktz collection whilst he was in singapore showing next season's ktz collection.

your name: marjan pejoski
right now the time is: 20.00pm singapore time
and where abouts in the world are you?: singapore
date of birth: 26.03.

label name: marjan pejoski/ktz
year label started: 4 years ago
concept/motivation behind new collection: inspiration for this season was a journey to papua new guinea and studio 54/grace jones!

The ultimate ktz lady or gent is: any person out there who would like to have fun!

most exciting fashion moment? dropping off my collection to anna wintour

what do you know about new zealand? not much just that it's green!

shoot, shag or marry: already married!

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… ohhhh quite a big one...

thank you.

ktz is instore now and available online soon.