all fanatical

we are in the midst of buying for next season at the moment, digging up all kind of rare and exciting gems for ya'll... 
we are big fan's of postweiler hauber's so here's a little sneak peak of next season's collection 'ausbau' fresh off the catwalk...


you scared the bigeni out of me!!

gary bigeni is a talented young man. i first remember spotting gary's pieces in a showroom on my first trip to sydney for fashion week about 5 years ago and could never quite shake the image of his cleverly sculpted jersey dresses in deliciously bright colours, so i'm super happy we are able to carry his label in our store.

since that first time i spotted gary's clothes he's been a busy boy, working as josh goot's right hand man (i imagine they bonded over their love of jersey), and most recently has been nominated as a finalist in the woolmark awards that one of our other designers romance was born just won.

oh, and it's gary's birthday today!! happy birthday mr!

following is the world famous children of vision interview...

name: gary bigeni

right now the time is: 9.58pm

and where about’s in the world are you?: i'm in sydney, australia

date of birth: 25/03/1981

label name: gary bigeni

year label started: 2004

my new collection is entitled: floating under water

concept/motivation behind new collection: my collection is based around the deep blue ocean, crashing waves, silent lakes and moving waves. i wanted to create the movement of these element in my collection through twist and drapes.

the ultimate gary bigeni lady or gent is: someone who love classic with a mordern edge. desire quality garments and has a fresh approach to fashion.

what do you know about new zealand? it is cold, and they have great clothing. xo

complete this sentence, i had a vision and my vision was… to create a collection that is inspired by fluidity and free movements. To make obstensively simple pieces that are infact so complex in design and construction that they can be transformed into different configurations dependant on the wearers whims and desire.

thank you.

gary bigeni's first drop for autumn/winter is in store now.



i'm always buying candles as gifts, i think it's because i secretly always want to be given them... i figure if i put enough candle-gift-giving karma out there it's gotta come back at me right? (and a cheap lavender scented tapered candle from the warehouse aint gunna cut it...!)

so, if you are a fine candle appreciator like me (read:snob), then you are about to get obssessed. we have just received a delivery of kitsune candles from paris. stocked at such iconic stores as collette, these candles are a collaboration between perfumer james heeley and clothing label/record label kitsune.

we have both candles in the series:

la glace au pain d'epices (gingerbread icecream) features warm strong scents of ingredients utilized in the classic french recipe including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, and ginger with subtle notes of vanilla and dark honey.

la glace au sesame noir (black sesame icecream) is based around deep gourmand notes of dark caramel, immortelle, honey and dry wheat, its rich smooth darkness is highlighted by a soft, almost sweet, creamy scent of vanilla.


the made in france candle will yield over 50 hours of burn time with a high quality woven cotton wick with pewter armature to ensure the wick never wanes.

kitsune candles are exclusive to children of vision in new zealand.


get this party started right now

also check out fellow blogs blacklog, aych, fashion behind the scenes and thread for more on the par-tay!

huge thanks to everyone that came and made it the debaucherous party we were hoping for, thanks to our awesome dj's la beat debauchery, babes! babes! babes!, tbones, and cyril orson.

thanks to rosemont, pure blonde beer, glaceau vitamin water, our lovely bar tenders sarah and adrian and finally a big thanks to mint condition!!

thanks to chris lorimer for the photos - more pics of the store to follow...



congratulations to anna, luke and the romance was born team for winning the $10,000 woolmark designer award at the loreal melbourne fashion festival!

in addition to the cash, the prize includes $10,000 worth of travel to either pitti fialti in milan or première vision in paris, as well as introductions to australian wool innovation's worldwide supply network or expert weavers and manufacturers.

"we're really into developing our own fabric so we'd really love to travel to pitti filati to see how we can develop our knitting techniques. we don't so much want to start manufacturing overseas, but it would be great to see new things and bring them back," said sales.

also in the running for the prize was the children of vision stocked label gary bigeni.

we say well done guys!!!


we couldn't agree more

"As some sectors of the industry embrace conformity and "greige" in the face of economic uncertainty, the technicolour exuberance of inventive young designers such as plunkett and sales, of sydney label romance was born, has never been more important in exciting customers to spend."

"in tough times you need to be more creative and more exciting, to inspire people and give them more reason to come into your store"

"this year the festival (melbourne fashion festival) has a mantra of "ban the bland", and will celebrate innovation"


got me lookin' so (crazy in love)

i have to admit i hadn't heard of trosman until vicky threw the website url at me, and ever since i've been a little obsessed with this buenos aires designer's pretty-off-beat-beautifully-wierd creations. 

"admirer of national geographic magazine and nostalgic for legendary designers like charles eames, frank lloyd wright, le corbusier and van de rohe, trosman takes distance from the classic methodology of a fashion designer. she walks through the silhouette taking scientific decisions and developing each piece like an architectural process where parts are apparently not sewn but become ensemble. while doing so she reveals shapes that flow along the body as if they were predestined."

stocked in amazing stores such as l'eclaireur in paris (one of our favourite stores!), and featured in publications such as taschen's 'fashion now 2', and phaidon's 'sample', if you don't already know about trosman you'll soon want it.... alllllllllll of it....

trosman will be instore when we open on march 19th


give it a good belt!

ok, belts dont usually feel like the most exciting purchase in the world, but barry betham & leanne marshall from auckland based label commence are determined to change all that and in turn make the sexiest belts around, and even though we are unashamedly internationally focussed we love that they are on our own door step!

victorian inspired ruffs become details on wide belts and cuffs, and their classic 'hermiston' belt features a back strap that can be adjusted and worn low or high on the waist. and i don't want to start sounding all 'practical' (shudder) but they are beautifully made and you'll have them for years.

their talents extend further than just adorning the waist too - they have done a selection of stunning hand dyed dresses and perforated leather sheaths exclusively for children of vision.

barry and leanne answered our hard hitting questionnaire and revealed a mutual dislike for chris martin....

name: barry betham & leanne marshall

right now the time is: 11.31pm

and where about’s in the world are you? auckland

date of birth: '73 & '76

label name: commence

year label started: 2003

how does it work designing/running a business as a duo, who does what? we are both involved in all the processes.

do you ever fight/disagree?? yes - we are now.

my new collection is entitled: collection 13

concept/motivation behind new collection: our first collections started from a eccentric widowed woman & always stem from her, in our 13th collection she is playing with rituals & a darker side.

the ultimate commence lady or gent is: someone who appreciates beauty in the atypical

shoot, shag or marry?
barry - shoot: chris martin, shag: lara stone, marry: leanne
leanne - shoot: chris martin, shag: the game, marry: marcel duchamp

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… to make beautiful things people want to keep forever

thank you.


a'n'd, uh, yeah totally

as we speak a box of treats from london based designers azumi and david (a'n'd) is winging it's way to little ole' new zealand... well actually, according to fedex it's somwhere called 'becton' right now. but never fear! i'm sure it will be safely instore when we open!

the story of a'n'd goes a little something like this (well alot like this, it's off their website). azumi and david studied at central saint martin's in london but met at the troubadour coffee house in london's earl's court in may 1995. they got married in hackney town hall, london on march 10th, 2000 and had their wedding reception on october 14th, 2001 in nagano, japan. they celebrate birthdays on the 8th and 10th april, designating april 9th as a'n'd day.

awwww bless. a'n'd designs are playful, conceptual and timeless - and guaranteed to baffle your aunty.

azumi and david were nice enough to submit to the children of vision interrogation!!

name: azumi and david (a'n'd)

right now the time is: 11.19

and where about's in the world are you?: east london

date of birth: azumi - 8.4.75, david - 10.4.65

label name: azumi and david (a'n'd)

year label started: 1999

how does it work designing/running a business as a duo, who does what? do you ever fight/disagree?? we live/work together as mr and mrs, we do have disagreements but then come to an agreement.

my new collection is entitled: a touch of luxury

concept/motivation behind new collection: things to wear with touches of luxury like fur, cashmere, swarovski, leather

the ultimate a'n'd lady or gent is: elegant with a subtle sense of humour

what do you know about new zealand? we'd love to visit

shoot, shag or marry: meryl streep, george michael, dan carter?: they'd make a lovely menage a trois, don't you think?

complete this sentence, we had a vision and our vision was... aided by our optician - we both wear identical glasses frames so we see things to wear in a very similar way - with an elegant sense of humour.

thank you.

you're invited!


isaac likes us, he really likes us!!

it's official children of vision is coming, the word is out, cat outta the bag, and the press release has been, uh, released. our favourite super sleuthing blogger isaac was the first to spread the news - thanks mr! COV 4 IL 4 EVAH!


getting trashed

i enjoy my morning blogs, first coffee of the day in hand, flicking from site to site, checking out what natalie and zoe love, what isaac likes, susie's bubble AND one of my FAV's... garbage dress.

zana bayne has great style - usually shrouded in numerous layers of black, hottt leggings, bitchin' margiela shoes topped off with her trademark mass of black curls and red glasses. she lives in san francisco, but dreams of berlin, has sexy friends and is an uber talented artist and web designer. it's true, i have a little blog crush.

so, i was totally stoked to see zana rockin' pieces from berlin label postweiler hauber's new spring/summer collection recently - as pictured above... both pieces will be hanging on the racks when we open in 18 days!!!!

more on postweiler hauber soon, but in the meantime check out zana's blog, she rulzzzzzz!