i'm weaving you.

few people are as deft with a pair of knitting needles as aucklander areez katki - areez creates delicate, cobwebby knits out of materials as diverse as recycled sari silks, shredded jersey, and even nylon cord. for spring/summer areez's collection 'hand made IV' is an all together more monochromtic affair, delicate tones of cream and beige dominate, whilst areez explores new textures in black (children of vision has some exclusive and totally amazing experimentations in bungee cord).

areez kindly submits to the children of vision interview below:

name of designer: areez katki

right now the time is: 02:18pm

and where abouts in the world are you: in-between classes at auckland university

date of birth: april 6th 1989

label name: areez katki

year label started: 2009

new collection is entitled: handmade IV

concept/motivation behind new collection: developments of my preceding work; this time it was through an exploration of perennial natural fibers, which I sourced when I was in india. (recycled sari silks, mulberry silk, raw cotton fibers, tencel, rayon etc)

ultimate areez katki lady or gent is: i love and respect everything that I know about bjork

most exciting fashion moment: seeing a complete stranger wearing something that I made always has an affirming and powerful impact

on my day off i would: be having lots of tea, knitting at home with my gran

shoot, shag & marry: shoot that gaga creature, shag d.h. lawrence and marry julia child

i had a vision and my vision was: interrupted by consciousness.

areez katki's new collection 'hand made IV' is in-store now.

press up's

every issue metro magazine runs a feature entitled 'dress code' where they compare varying styles of dress within the same occupation - with fashion week rapidly approaching this months issue featured fashion designers.

james dobson, designer of jimmy d and co-owner of children of vision (centre) represents! wearing a combination of children of vision labels including jimmy d, rad by rad hourani, complexgeometries, and salvor projects boots.

our friends at simply you magazine were kind enough to feature us in their latest issue out now - the image features australian label akira, new to children of vision for spring/summer.

thanks guys!!