geometry class

yah for big boxes! freshly hanging on our new season rack is montreal based label complex geometries, and ooooooooooh it's so cool! there's loose dresses with long ties, clever tee dresses with looped back panels that can be left voluminous or swept round the body, drapey gowns, unisex hooded tees and sweatshirts and scarves, actually it's all pretty unisex and all in the softest, washed down cotton jersey. i just wanna layer it up, and strut around in a billowing shroud of fabric... but thats just me...

above is a little sneak peek of what's instore now, and THOSE amazing pics by tommy ton from the incredible jack & jil blog - some of which are part of the collection instore now.

below is an interview with clayton from complex geometries, i think it's always nice to know a little about the person who's clothes you're wearing...

name: clayton evans (adam is NOT a designer...don't let him tell you otherwise ;)

right now the time is: 7:33pm

and where abouts in the world are you?: montreal, qc, canada

date of birth: september 17th

label name: complexgeometries

year label started: 2005

my new collection is entitled: "between good and evil..."

concept/motivation behind new collection: an examination of the ideas of good and bad.  no particular point of view, just an exploration.

the soundtrack to this collection would be: "I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" pet shop boys.

the ultimate complexgeometries lady or gent is: surprising...trust me...I'm surprised all the time.

what do you know about new zealand? wool, hobbits and a reputation for good design.

shoot, shag or marry: is adam going to read this?

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… blurry....whatever....I'll just fake it.


time for a little romance

images from top to bottom - harpers bazaar, australian vogue, oyster

spring/summer deliveries are getting into full swing and there's been some tasty little morsels of press from romance was born whetting our appetite for their new collection... a collection inspired by a grannies undersea tea party... mmmm... cream buns... lammingtons... jeez i think it's time for afternoon tea...

anyway, check out the gorgeous pic  of the 'rock lobster dress' (never fear it's on our order in both black and white!) featured in the latest australian vogue. the new collection is due in september. we'll keep you posted!


will(helm) power!

yahhhh!! just through the door is a big ole' box of insanity from bernhard willhelm's new northern hemisphere winter collection, and it's freakin' awesome!! unisex, oversized tee's are emblazoned with "i'm a pretty good person" and dripping graffitied smiley faces, cotton dresses feature 3 types of checks cleverly panelled together, a stunning black dress with a lurex stripe billows around the body with intricate tucks and gathers, and super cool bright silk dresses that drip and drape around the body. ah-may-zing!

i cant find a video of this show from paris, but here is a super cute interview with diane pernet from back in the day where he concocts her a meal from tulle, and polka dots and explains to her how he knows everyone that buys his pieces - i think this childlike wonderment and his tactile approach to creating clothes is still very apparent in his work. genius.



in the projects

after obsessively keeping an eye out for any boxes that seemed to be coming towards our shop for what felt like weeks, new york based label salvor projects is finally here! and i think i'm in love... beautiful drapey hand printed modal (the softest, slinkiest knit in the world...!) is panelled cleverly into slinky tunics and dresses, huge photo like scarves are breathtaking when wrapped around the body, but because of the fine knit become beautiful textures when gathered up. and the boots!! ahhhhhhh the boots. I am writing this with my new salvor work boots on, and jeeeeez i'm feeling pretty flash right now.  

salvor projects is stocked in such boutiques as dover street market in london and japan , seven new york and barneys in new york and we are the only stockists in the southern hemisphere...

below is an interview with salvor projects designer ross menuez:

name: ross menuez

right now the time is: 
12:21 pm
and where abouts in the world are you?: 
nyc usa
date of birth: 
december 19,  1965
label name: 
salvor projects

year label started: 
my new collection is entitled: 
"latitude zero"
concept/motivation behind new collection:
err..a bit of a jumble...monica vitti on a sad rocky beautiful island, latitude zero a place under the sea with doomed flying lions, boetti's tapestry of the worlds 1000 longest rivers...these all appear somewhere in the prints for fw09 somehow coming together into a story.
the ultimate salvor project lady or gent is:
jodorowsky meets kamen rider meets the index (you can see something on them, their music here...not much out there)
what do you know about new zealand? 
that any place that could produce the clean and the gordons (along with the rest of flying nun,etc..) is worth trying to get to someday...

shoot, shag or marry:
...shoot- whoever it is in control in the US Navy who thinks it's a good idea to use deep ocean sonar in the name of national defense in spite of what it's doing to the local deep ocean population,   shag- maya deren,  marry - kali the destroyer

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was....
the scene in day of the locust where tod is chasing after faye hopelessly through the backlots on a massive film set that goes on forever and through...ok, it's a borrowed vision but a gorgeous one. perfect.

thank you.


press up's

the latest fashion quarterly (new zealand's vogue equivalent) is out now - and is looking miiiiighty fine!! the gary bigeni 'alban top' features in the 80's sportswear shoot 'sporting chance' - and if it grabs ya' we still have one or two left instore...

thanks fq!!


chair 'o doom

image courtesy of designboom weblog

ok, i'm gunna admit it, at home i have a chair by the bed that becomes a bit of a dumping ground for clothes - not so much a walk in wardrobe more of a precarious mound of clothes nick named the chair of doom... so these 'fleece chairs' by tom price struck a chord with me... the entire piece is formed from discarded polyester fleece's and the seat shape is created by draping polyester clothing on a hot seat. i dont think my chair would have the same pleasing colour combinations however, as it's a slightly more ominous combination of black and grey and is (thankfully) lacking in the fleece and polyester quotient to make it work. oh well.


pony steppin'

yah! the first delivery for summer is always exciting a) because it's new! b) because it means better weather is on it's way!! and first through the door for summer is the first drop from auckland based label deadly ponies. i could wax lyrical for many paragraphs about how cool their bags are, how incredibly supple and beautiful the leather is, how quirky they are, how much i want EVERYTHING... but, uh, well, i guess i don't need to now...

above is what's (left) in the first drop, but it's gunna go quick, some are already pre-ordered, so dont twiddle your thumbs ya'll. ok?? email us on shop@childrenofvision.com or call on 09 379 8930 to bag yours... get it?? bag?? oh, whatever.

new deliveries due in any day now - we'll keep you posted.