if anyone can vicky chan can

flicking through the papers over breakfast this weekend we were very excited to see our very own vicky chan featured as one of sunday magazines picks for best dressed 2009. extolling the importance of embracing individuality, and looking amazing in a material by product dress and necklace (due in february/march!) we are very proud of ms. chan!!



image courtesy of ponystep

we've had the word, peter jensen's resort spring/summer 10 collection has left the uk and is winging it's way to us as we speak. we are big fan's of jensen's quirky take on british buttoned up primness, one part demure, one part disarmingly cute. we'll post pics of the collection when it arrives, but in the mean time brush up on your peter jensen general knowledge with this very thorough interview with ponystep magazine entitled '77 peter jensen-isms', our favourites are:

2. peter’s best friend at school was lise lotte, who was cross-eyed and wore bigger glasses than he did.

15. peter was once stung by a jellyfish.

26. peter’s favourite danish pop group are shit & chanel, who were renamed after being taken to court, to shit & chalou.

47. peter’s biggest regret is not saying hello to vivienne westwood when he once saw her.

58. peter hopes that in ten years time from now he will still be doing what he does at present, but by then would be massively rich and own a summerhouse in sweden, as well as two pug dogs - one called thelma and one called olga - and would look fantastic and talk like posh women and say things like, ‘how silly!’


tee time

the humble tee is truly a cultural icon, from cladding a certain oh-so-sexy rebel without a cause, to katherine hamnet's supersized and slogan emblazoned tee's. they have been deconstructed, all but obliterated, mass produced and made luxurious, and they show no signs of going anywhere. 

so we were very excited to hear about the mehr als ein t-shirt (more than a t-shirt) exhibition at the bielefelder kunstverein in germany that centers around the notion of the tee shirt as an artistic medium - featuring international artists, designers and fashion designers all contemplating and exploring the idea of the tee shirt through a variety of medium. one of our favourite labels postweiler hauber will present a video and 3 of the spray t-shirts from his “i love my t” ss07 collection, as well as a tapestry made out of t-shirts … he is joined by artists such as tracey emin and jenny holtzer, designers such as vivienne westwood and bless and many more.


went up a hill...

image courtesy of jak&jil blog

sorry for all the next season teaser's but we had to share these beautiful pics from the super talented tommy ton from jak&jil blog fame of complexgeometries next collection due to drop february next year. the collection is amazing, and i think everyone here has ordered at least one piece for themselves... the sheet tee (top and middle pics) in particular was a personal fave!!


wall hanging

image courtesy of is mental blog

salvor projects is one of our favorite little discoveries, his drapey hand printed scarves and tunics have been a huge hit this season, and the designer ross menuez is an absolute sweet heart! so we were really excited to see a snaps of a beautiful poster run of images from salvor projects next season collection thanks to the lovely amanda at 'is mental' blog. the huge posters pasted up all over soho give you a little sneak peak of what's to come from salvor projects, it's due to hit stores january/february, and yes, we did order both of those pieces...


got your eyes on?

from the top, p.a.m 'eyes', geoff mcfetridge 'corbu', deanne cheuk 'gold fingers', p.a.m 'weiner'

to compliment our array of incredible, but alas slightly impractical hand fashioned cardboard sunglasses we decided it was time to get the real thing, and thankfully colab sunglasses have a similarly quirky vibe - and have just arrived instore today - yay!!

colab (as the name suggests) collaborate with guest artists each season, giving them complete and unfettered creative freedom - we have picked some goodies from p.a.m, deanne cheuk, and geoff mcfetridge. 

each frame is one of a limited edition of 1000 throughout the world and individually numbered on the inside arm. all colab sunglasses comply with worldwide standards, regarding sunglare, ultra violet protection and strength against breakage. each pair comes in custom packaging featuring cleaning cloth, carry bag and other treats...