tape player

all images courtesy of danielargyle.com

i blame four years of design school for my tape obsession, i played around alot with polaroids roughly taped to walls, masking tape on essays etc. etc. so i totally relate to australian artist daniel argyle, particularly his obsessive duct tape pieces where entire rolls of silver duct tape are wrapped around crushed file boxes, and generic office like environments are built against duct taped walls. i love their monotony, and their quiet yet sinister undertone... check out his website here (the gold duct taped gilded pizza boxes are also amazing!).


my little (deadly) pony

we have long loved the work of auckland based duo liam and katie from deadly ponies, so we are super excited to announce that we will be carrying both deadly ponies and deadly ponies precious jewellery for spring/summer. above is a taste of our order, and since their bags are highly sought-after we thought we'd give you a chance to pre-order your fave(s), feel free to shoot through your request, with your details to: shop@childrenofvision.com the bags will drop into store july-september and we can hardly wait!!


trust fun baby

i'll be honest. i was a bit of a geek growing up. i clearly remember going to a friends house because he had a new fractal generating computer program on his computer and for hours we played around creating all sorts of trippy fractals - finally after i created one that i was totally stoked with i printed it out in full colour on his inkjet printer, and covered my maths book with it, dura-sealing over it so it wouldn't get damaged. that maths book was my pride and joy.

like i said i was a geek. SO imagine my excitement when many years later we came across these incredible fractal scarves by super cool label trust fun.

trust fun founders shane sakkeus, johnathan zawada and annie wright-zawada are a sort of multidisciplinary collective who together have created prints for ksubi and josh goot, as well as the eye poppingly cool fashion mag petit mal, (johnathan and annie have also recently been snapped by the selby, click here)

anyway, about the scarves. they probably put it best themselves:

"each one is a mathematically valid fractal, painstakingly created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, creating a potentially infinite variety of form, colour and detail bringing the skill and technique of handcraft into the digital age.
this process means each individual scarf is based upon a completely unique equation and can never be replicated. As in nature, a rare organic creation digitally captured."

trust funs scarves are exclusive to children of vision in new zealand, and are only available in 3 other stores in the world, one of which is liberty in london. so don't mess around, these babies are strictly limited, and little pieces of art, and they'd look pretty ace on the cover of a maths book...


spray 'n swipe!

we love finding rare and unusual things for you guys, so we were stoked to open our store with the incredible six scents perfumes. the six scents fragrance project is an ongoing collaboration between symrise, metaproject and seven new york (one of our favourite stores!). curated by seven new york owner joseph quartana, series one is a collaboration between some of the world's cutting edge designers and leading perfumers.

the perfumes are individually numbered with custom packaging and each fragrance is offered in a limited quantity of 2000 units. a percentage of the proceeds will go towards awareness and funding for the designers against aids (daa), international aids awareness education centre in antwerp, belgium.

we chose to bring you our three favourites:

no. 2 bernhard willhelm with lucas sieuzac - with notes of sea breeze accord, bergamot, water jasmine, sheer musk. the fragrance is unisex, fresh, and futuristic.

no. 3 cosmic wonder with philippe paparella-paris - with notes of green grass, fig leaves, cypress, elemi, coriander, cedar wood, vetiver, hinoki, white amber. inspired by a walk in a eucalyptus forest, this fragrance is unisex, and is initially very rich and tobacco'y, drying down to something more warm, woody and slightly gingery.

no. 4 gareth pugh with emilie coppermann - with notes of dill, black pepper, nutmeg, palissander, black tea, amyris, white amber, musk. probably the most feminine of the three, an intoxicatingly floral scent contrasted with something all together more synthetic and hard to place. it's not hard to see why it's been described as "endlessly intriguing".

each fragrance is $189 and we are happy to ship within new zealand - email shop@childrenofvision.com


coming down with the fluoro

i'm a little obsessed with fluoro's - especially in our little white cube of a store, at night the fluro's give it a cold, clinical glow which I kinda love... here's some art that makes me wanna buy about 20 more fluoro's and go crazy. from the top: neon waterfall by lauris paulus (from the awesome vvork blog), and two images of work by new zealand artist bill culbert (from sue crockford gallery)


today i'm feeling...

(above) bernhard willhelm zeb+splash tee dress $470 with super cute wavy hem and sleeve detail.
kitsune la glace au pain d'epices (ginger bread icecream) candle $120. incredibly spicy, warm candle perfect for wintery days. yum!
tv quilted cone bomber $670, comfy quilted bomber with dino-like spikes - amaaaaazing!!


yui and me

i've said it before, and i'll no doubt say it again, and probably a couple of time after that... but, we are lucky enough to have a great little cafe outside our store, and it's one of my simple pleasures to sit down with a flat white, a bagel, and my laptop and catch up on blogs - it's the equivalent of reading the morning papers (which I also sometimes do, but the pictures aint as pretty...) so I was stoked to come across 'a slowboat to mediocrity' by australian bred, but tokyo based gal yui. she blogs about all kinda cool stuff like rediscovering scandanavian 90's one hit wonders aqua, the amazing film paris is burning, geodesic domes, bernhard willhelm shoes, cool haircuts, and her latest fashion crushes. she also has my favourite postweiler hauber dress that just happens to be in the shop at the mo' (pictured above).


press up's - no means yes!!

there's few things we love more than couching it with a fresh pile of magazines and new zealand's no magazine is one of our (many!) fav's. lucky for us issue 6 features plenty of eye candy from our store including (from the top) :

andrea crews fringed hoody with makin jan ma leggings worn on hat
commence devil pendant
c.neeon amaretini dress, and pina colada scarf worn in hair
jimmy d facet gown and commence leather neck piece

thanks! no thank you...


to a tee

all images courtesy of jak & jil blog

we love a good collaboration, and we are also huge fans of jak & jil blog - you'll find us most mornings drooling over our keyboard at their images of the most sartorially gifted people in the world often rocking the most inspirational/sexy/precarious heels around. so we were more than a little excited to see jak & jil collaborate with one of our new additions for next season complex geometries (we have several new labels which we will reveal in the lead up to next season - stay tuned!)

complex geometries signature is clever, sculptural plays on basics such as singlets and tees with tricksy pattern cutting and super clever drape and is stocked in some of the worlds best boutiques including browns focus in london and reborn in montreal.

we'll keep you posted on complex geometries deliveries but in the meantime check out complex geometries: the white tee project here


tv is on!

melbourne based designers monika tywanek and ingrid verner's autumn/winter collection 'lucky' is finally here, and it was hellah worth the wait!! a bomber with dino-like spikes, out sized polo necks, shredded 'mum' jeans (mum = high waisted dontcha know?), clever merino dresses with spare arms that can be tied or wrapped around the body, and THE sexiest one shoulder 'toga dress' that would be the perfect party/ball/when & where ever dress. all in a palette of black, tan, coral and acid washed denim. and not to be forgotten is the notoriously fabulous tv trash bag, in black vinyl with yellow handles just like a, er, trashbag.

check out the full collection here and instore now!


hey mickey!

photos by jean michel bertin

self proclaimed 'fashion activist'  andrea crews has been holding guerilla style fashion workshops since the label's inception. the latest was commissioned by pictoplasma, an international organisation dedicated to contemporary character design - and what more iconic character is there than mickey?? in typical andrea crews fashion the character and garments are deconstructed and then brutally reconstructed - the results are killer siamese mutant mickeys, with frankenstein like combinations of body parts. hot. i want one!