star in the makin

every garment from makin jan ma bears a label saying "a film project by makin jan ma'. which may seem strange until you realise that for makin, each garment is a piece of clothing dressing a character in a film "makin writes stories and scripts and he makes clothes for his characters. he makes films for his stories while the characters wear their clothes in the films. making a film or actually dreaming to make a film is like a journey on its own."

makin's clothes are clever, but not too serious, easy to wear but deceptively complex, and often feature exclusive prints or specially developed fabrics.

as promised makin is subjected to the children of vision quiz...

name: makin jan ma

right now the time is:
10 to 10 evening time

and where abouts in the world are you?:
I have been traveling alot and I recently had an exhibition in hong kong.

date of birth:

label name:
makin jan ma

year label started:
2005 winter

my new collection is entitled:
give me some deep water

concept/motivation behind new collection:
having a feeling of heavy stone peacefully dropping into the deep sea

the ultimate makin jan ma lady or gent is:
a real character in their real life. live up to what they believe in!

what do you know about new zealand? j
ann, kiri and the greens

shoot, shag or marry:
shoot kate moss, shag virgin mary, marry the one I love!

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was…
getting to retire when I am 30.

thank you.

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