fringe benefits

we are weary of trends, fad's just 'aint our thing really. but it's a funny thing that whole 'collective consciousness', and this season there is definitely a bit of fringe fanaticism going on. i can relate to it, i like designing and wearing big oversized shapes, there's something nice about swimming in fabric, and i can imagine the same thing goes for long lengths of tassels and fringing - that and the whole shamanistic, tribal vibe.

andrea crews has gone for touches of hot pink fringing on hoodies and bags, and, uh, real fringes (as in hair) peeping out from the neckline of sweats. romance was born as gone more tribal with it, slashing and dip dying their way through the collection - the fringed yeti eye pendant is staring at me as we speak...

so, ignore your friends, you can definitely pull off a fringe, in fact i think it's gunna suit you...

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