fanatic man

we like a good slogan tee every once and a while, and "fanatic man fanatic woman fan" is a pretty good one... it just sounds good... i've started saying it alot... anyway, that's the slogan that features heavily in postweiler hauber's latest collection which has been selling like hot cakes or, maybe, pretzels for a more germanic take on the hot cake... yeah! selling like pretzels!

anyway, here is an interview with raphael hauber, following the strict guidlines we seem to have established for our interviews...:

name: raphael hauber

right now the time is: calm, eclectic.

and where abouts in the world are you? heidelberg, germany

date of birth: 07.06.1977

label name: postweiler hauber

year label started: 2003

my latest collection is entitled: ausbau, a german word that means completion, extension, development , improvement , it is also a term used in house construction for support.

concept/motivation behind the latest collection : the collection ausbau is a collaboration with the artist heinz peter knes. images from his archive are printed on to fabrics that make up this season's collection. although commonly thought of as decorative, this collection focuses on the weight of the ornaments. through repetition ornaments gain an aura of power and meaning that impacts on the masses.

the soundtrack to this collection would be : j. s. bach or a track by christian naujoks.

the ultimate postweiler hauber lady or gent is: sober, contemporary, intelligent, cute and kind.

what do you know about new zealand? unfortunately i have never been to new zealand, what i know maybe is a typical cliche of a magical green hobbit landscape on the other side of the world. I think the people are openminded and generally very interested in what happens in the world.

shoot, shag or marry: ha ha - no famous people!

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was: to do what i do now.

thank you.


  1. Thanks! I'm a little in love with your blog... it's beautiful, nice work!!!