i wanna know what love is

the first valentines gift i ever gave consisted of a (large) bottle of beer, and some champagne flavoured chocolates with a note saying "beer budget, champagne taste". cute? maybe... i'm still not sure... but i really wish these super cute postcards by pigeon post were around then, they would have been the perfect foil to such a cheesy sentiment.

pigeon post is a line of cards produced by vanguard works (the graphic designers responsible for our website, our pretty new postcards, as well as our sister website generalcucumber.com). the cards are based on the themes of “undying love”. inspired by myths, folklores and ancient stories of love from around the world – i.e. pygmalion & galatea, hinemoa & tutanekei, the butterfly lovers and many more. they are also printed on "fsc certified paper" (fsc certified means that the paper was harvested in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner). they come with their own envelope, a small explanation of the love story on the reverse, die cut rippled edges (like old fashion postcards) and are super exclusive (we are the only stockist in new zealand).

they retail for $6.00 and are available instore now...

what are ya' waiting for?? get romancing!!

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