(don't) stop it right now

image courtesy of 'stop it right now'

it's easy to forget on your daily trawl of the blogs that they are in-fact an amazing way to connect with like minded people - blogs after all are a small yet intimate glimpse into someones world, where they are willing to share their current obsessions, thoughts and beliefs. 'stop it right now' was recently introduced to us, and we were immediately smitten with her killer style, her love of ann-sofie back (coming to children of vision this season), and her dry sense of humour. after getting in contact she was lovely enough to do a little write up about the store, and my label 'jimmy d' and the new spring/summer collection due in-store in august. awwww bless!!

make sure to check out 'stop it right now' here, you'll be inspired we promise!

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