wholy (un)holy

charlotte rust has a formidable pedigree, she owns one of auckland's coolest vintage stores, has worked for leading new zealand label nom*d, and possess that kind of effortless 'cool' that is frustratingly impossible to emulate. for her new label/project 'unholy' charlotte puts her vintage sourcing skills to good use, unearthing ironic metaler tee's, tacky holiday tee's or just plain weird tee's, splicing them together, and creating clever drape front jackets. the combination is considered (often creating new hybrid band names where they meet at the back) and the result is infinitely wearable.

name of designer: charlotte rust

right now the time is: 10.27am

and where abouts in the world are you?: k'rd, auckland, nz

date of birth: year of the dragon

label name: unholy

year label started: 2010

my new collection is entitled: um pass, i've never been one for themes which is probably why I failed so miserably at the fashion and design polytech course I did when I left school

concept/motivation behind new collection: yet another version of a recycled t-shirt garment but with more form and function, I am interested in using existing fabrics/garments rather than developing a garment from scratch

the ultimate unholy lady or gent is: keith richards circa exile on main st, diamanda galas

most exciting fashion moment? being profiled in i-d magazine - but my ego was quickly deflated when I realised they had used someone else's answers for my questions

on my day off I would....: bake, eat, browse online for shoes..

shoot, shag or marry: shoot - madonna, shag - eric northman, marry - rick owens (strictly for material gain)

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… leather and fur clad - recycled, naturally

thank you.

recycled double drape tee's by unholy are in-store now and available online here


  1. hi there, you blog looks nice n_n!
    keep it up!

  2. i like who she is and i like what she do...

  3. Good luck with the collection, You've really done a good job here.
    Please check out our items on etsy shop ;)
    ps.We offer both retail and wholesale ;)