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many an hour has been spent looking for unusual candles and perfumes for the store - and it ain't easy - there has to be that perfect mix of an intriguing, unique scent, beautiful packaging and a bit of a story behind it...

so when we discovered black amber balms by 'a treatise on white magic' we all got pretty excited. created by emmelie brunetti, black amber balm natural solid perfumes are made with a variety of the highest quality essential oils, absolutes, and co2 extracts available, as well as certified organic jojoba oil, certified organic unfiltered beeswax and vitamin e.

each perfume has an amber base, this common accord, which acts as a base note and fixative, enables the perfume to linger on the skin and will impart a delicately sweet yet woody aroma. each scent is captivating on its own but it also perfectly suited to be layered with other black amber balms or even used as a base to compliment a favourite perfume to create a truly personalised scent.

anyway, blah blah blah. they smell incredible, and emmelie was nice enough to answer our random questions which will probably give you much more of an insight into what black amber balms are about...

name of designer/owner: emmelie brunetti

right now the time is: 12:05 am

and where abouts in the world are you?: los angeles, ca

date of birth: june 29 1980

label name: a treatise on white magic (atwm)

year label started: 2009

describe the concept/motivation behind black amber perfume balms: black amber balm is the product of an eclectic mix of influences, observations, fascinations and in-depth research on master plants, perfumery and the occult.

the ultimate black amber lady or gent is: anita pallenberg

most exciting fashion moment? styling our 3 year old daughter bella

on my day off I would....: get a pedicure, swing by agent provocateur, pick up a few good bottles of red wine.

favorite smell: campfires
what do you know about new zealand? kiwis, diwali & rugby

shoot, shag or marry: 1,2 & 3: my husband, erik

complete this sentence, i had a vision and my vision was… from beyond.

black amber balms are available in-store now and online soon. each 12ml tin retails at $40.00

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  1. perfect xmas gift, wish you could add a smell button...but from your description can almost sniff it out:))