ring ring. hello.

we first noticed anne-mieke ytsma's handiwork when we viewed her jewellery for fellow dunedin label company of strangers - we marveled at the 'till death do us part' ring that resembled three fine rings roughly bashed together, with twinkling stones that, instead of being precious, are actually cast in metal and highly polished. it's these contradictions that abound in anne-mieke's own line underground sundae.

name of designer: anne-mieke ytsma

right now the time is: 9:21pm

and where abouts in the world are you?: dunedin, new zealand

date of birth: 10.07.1984

label name: underground sundae

year label started: 2010

my new collection is entitled: future famous summer night

describe the concept/motivation behind your new collection: jewellery to remind us of the transitory nature of life. It's about the drift down city streets in search of signs of attraction or repulsion.

the ultimate underground sundae lady or gent is: elegantly trashy

most exciting fashion moment? going to an op-shop and finding an old ladies entire collection of eighties attire, never worn still with tags attached, crazy great outfits! everyday is an exciting fashion moment...

on my day off I would....: probably be found drinking coffee or making something

shoot, shag or marry: shoot andy warhol cos he's already been shot and i don't want to shoot anyone. shag and marry maybe one day? philip james frost my amazing artist boyfriend

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was... magic

thank you!!

the first delivery from anne-mieke ytsma's new collection is in-store now and is online here.

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