wax lyrical

we love emmelie brunetti's 'a treatise on white magic' line of perfume balms - they've become a bit of a cult hit and ours are never far from our finger tips. so we were pretty excited when emmelie mentioned that she was working on a candle... in fact we may have harassed her constantly for the few months it took her to get them into production. but they were worth waiting for, and perfectly timed, the onset of winter doesn't feel so depressing when we can welcome it with the gorgeously smokey and leathery scent of atwm 'high desert campfire ritual' burning away.

as emmelie describes "for this candle, I was inspired by the channeling of current world events and the allure of liberating the mind through mystical drug induced journeys. I chose to work specifically with paraffin wax to evoke a discourse about our dependency to crude oil, as paraffin is a direct derivative of petroleum. the aroma exalts the scent of religious candles, burnt snakeskin leather and the high desert at dusk."

burnt wood, sand & tar scented 1oz (8-hour) travel candle. deep, leathery, smokey in aroma. paraffin wax. oils of cajeput, choya loban & birch tar. $25.00, in-store now and online here.

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