yui and me

i've said it before, and i'll no doubt say it again, and probably a couple of time after that... but, we are lucky enough to have a great little cafe outside our store, and it's one of my simple pleasures to sit down with a flat white, a bagel, and my laptop and catch up on blogs - it's the equivalent of reading the morning papers (which I also sometimes do, but the pictures aint as pretty...) so I was stoked to come across 'a slowboat to mediocrity' by australian bred, but tokyo based gal yui. she blogs about all kinda cool stuff like rediscovering scandanavian 90's one hit wonders aqua, the amazing film paris is burning, geodesic domes, bernhard willhelm shoes, cool haircuts, and her latest fashion crushes. she also has my favourite postweiler hauber dress that just happens to be in the shop at the mo' (pictured above).

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  1. Ha funny...I'm watching season 1 of Roswell on DVD at the moment and there is a giant storyline involving geodesic domes and alien hunters happening RIGHT NOW.