trust fun baby

i'll be honest. i was a bit of a geek growing up. i clearly remember going to a friends house because he had a new fractal generating computer program on his computer and for hours we played around creating all sorts of trippy fractals - finally after i created one that i was totally stoked with i printed it out in full colour on his inkjet printer, and covered my maths book with it, dura-sealing over it so it wouldn't get damaged. that maths book was my pride and joy.

like i said i was a geek. SO imagine my excitement when many years later we came across these incredible fractal scarves by super cool label trust fun.

trust fun founders shane sakkeus, johnathan zawada and annie wright-zawada are a sort of multidisciplinary collective who together have created prints for ksubi and josh goot, as well as the eye poppingly cool fashion mag petit mal, (johnathan and annie have also recently been snapped by the selby, click here)

anyway, about the scarves. they probably put it best themselves:

"each one is a mathematically valid fractal, painstakingly created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, creating a potentially infinite variety of form, colour and detail bringing the skill and technique of handcraft into the digital age.
this process means each individual scarf is based upon a completely unique equation and can never be replicated. As in nature, a rare organic creation digitally captured."

trust funs scarves are exclusive to children of vision in new zealand, and are only available in 3 other stores in the world, one of which is liberty in london. so don't mess around, these babies are strictly limited, and little pieces of art, and they'd look pretty ace on the cover of a maths book...

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