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gosh! ok, so new zealand fashion week and good old pamela anderson (yes, pamela anderson and designer richie rich were in town!) have been and gone, and in the midst of all that we got bombarded with lots of exciting new things!! yay!! so, uh, yeah, we have just emerged from the haze, updated the web-shop and here we are again...

here's a quick update of what's new - more detail sooooooon!!

the first drop from tv's 'army dreamer's' collection is instore now! a little bit 70's & a little bit militaristic - tv have gone perforation crazy! huge kaftans, crop tee's, slinky floor length dresses and more fitted tee's have been laser cut with tiny square perforations - amazing!

we've long been fan's of carri mundane's (carri mundane aka cassette playa) work - from her work with M.I.A to her giant sonic the hedgehog head wearing models. so we are super happy to be the exclusive stockists of cassette playa in new zealand! for her autumn/winter collection carri has got all nordic death metal on us - with spikey upside down smiley faces, and rune like prints. ace!

one of our favourite little discoveries is hong kong based accessory line hoiming. designed by husband and wife team hoiming fung and baldwin pui, they describe their label as a 'witty luxury brand' - all their pieces are hand stitched, and beautifully off-beat. the bags are killer, and the super cute bat necklaces are a must have.

finnish designer daniel palillo obviously has a great sense of humour, his new collection "i want to believe" is full of melting hearts, giant ying & yangs, and pentacles - think death-metal-raver-alien-abductions. tops are super sized, pants are super skinny and the prints are from the pen of mr. palillo himself. we are fans, it's dark but not up-your-own-arse dark. which we like.

new to children of vision for spring/summer is melbourne based label material by product. designed by susan dimasi and chantal kirby, material by product has a strong reputation in europe, championed by fashion figureheads such as diane pernet of influential fashion blog 'a shaded view of fashion'. their signature look comprises of elegant draped jersey tunics and dresses with an impeccable attention to finish, with hand stitched bindings, hand printed pointillist like patterns and flattering little tucks and pleats. exquisite!

our favourite parisian fashion activist is back with her new collection “sister’s of mercy’. vintage tee shirts are ripped apart and re-constructed into sweeping tunics, gorgeous felted wool bolero’s feature cascades of thick fringing, and oversized tops are slashed to skeletal proportions. Its fun, dark, and surprisingly wearable.

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