vaile of (not so) secrecy

above images courtesy of rene vaile

i cant recall the first time i met rene vaile, it may have been a halloween party - or maybe i'm just remembering the giant cod piece he was wearing... either way it was while ago. he's a super sweet guy, and takes the most beautiful photo's around - with stylist chris lorimer his photo's defined one of our favourite (sadly no longer around) mags 'staple'. he's worked with numerous new zealand designers, and since moving to sydney, a number of australian designers too, creating beautifully off kilter fashion images that have graced the pages of everything from australian vogue to dazed and confused.

as the lovely leah from plaything puts it:

"rene vaile shows a considered yet spontaneous energy within his portraits of friends and travel picture. the infectious imagery leads the viewer into a quiet and romantic place."

SO, we are kinda a whole lot excited about his first solo show at plaything gallery next week, make sure you get down there for the preview on the 29th october from 6pm - 8pm i'll bet ya' 20 bucks it'll be pretty darn amazing. (please note this offer is purely for literary effect only)

rene vaile/untitled
21 dacre street

preview 29th october from 6pm - 8pm
show running till 14th november, gallery open tuesday - saturday, 11am - 4pm.

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