if it aint ffixxed

we love ffiXXed, their subtle, understated clothes have an unmistakably quirky sense of humour. they are clever with out being difficult, classic and edgy at the same time. and they seem like mighty nice folk too. find out more about them below...

names of designers: kain picken, fiona lau
right now the time is: 01:16am
and where about in the world are you?: melbourne + hong kong

date of birth: 1980, 1985
label name: f f i X X e d
year label started: 2008

our new collection is entitled: unseen utopias
concept/motivation behind new collection: the motivation for f f I X X e d s/s 2010 collection is that we need to build a civilised space here. all garments and objects in the collection are constantly active and engaged with their specific situations. clothing that looks amazing and different every time and is always engaged in the process of life whether it is on the back of your chair while the lights are off, teamed with your Lanvin trainers and cosmic wonder jacket, or thrown on quickly so you don't have to answer the door naked. Each piece is developed as an individual and a whole, consideration to established functionalities and the production of new suggestions for function are crucial where cool grey linens meet apricot cottons with sleek, fit lines.
the ultimate ffiXXed lady or gent is: ultimate lady: claire fontaine, gent: forrest gump
what do you know about New Zealand? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Zealand, http://www.gambiacastle.net
shoot, shag or marry: we are lovers, not fighters. lil' wayne + f f i X X e d models. kain picken marries fiona lau + fiona lau marries kain picken.
complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… belle-epoque cuvée de prestige + UPLANDS + sushi + chocolate + hand-made chairs + green liquid + parisian e-mails + interview + exhibition design + slavoj zizek vs avatar + hot videos + world food books + fabrication + publication + relaxing and cooking + talking to beijing + ffiXXed patches workshop + green tea and livin' in italy + shenzhen + hotel rooms + BBC + on the run + limes + green drink + work + mail + phone + looseness + more kuramata atmospherics + more and more maison martin margiela + paint + avatar work + roast + book + text message + fire + laguiole + movies + hanging out + de-install + screen printing + rain + painting + less than zero outfit + double cupping + tex mex + dancing + unsteady bookshelf + bbc world service + replay + green tea + king to nin jiom pei pa koa + fit + box of strawberries + box of blueberries + women that make your heart skip a beat + black skies + ice + waterfall + home cooked macro-biotic lunch + mangostein + paint + chat + homemade lasagne + cough + bath + sizzurp + OCT + y3k + meetings + e-mails + cold + catch up + openings + steak + pear + what is design? kenji ekuan, design is like an autumn leaf falling to the earth + bath + stephen chow + new sheets + f f o R R e s t + paint+ eat + tomato olive oil basil and sea salt on corn bread + green tea with soba + pistachios + chocolate + tofu + corn + pasta + ginger + pineapple & coconut soy soft-serve + strawberries + blueberries + green tea with soba + cat + LANVIN + sweet dreams + avocado corn bread lemon pepper and olive oil on toast + R&Sin(e) + fried bee larvae + shekau + green tea and whisky + EMOi stashie bag + green walls + security guards + free school + check out + new show + fake avatar + jota castro hotel room + rooftops + la mian + coffee + salma hayek in 'from dusk till dawn' + ciara + boarder crossing + all wrapped up in wonder + char siu duck on rice + more maison martin margiela + hot malted vitasoy + lamps + discovery channel + 26th floor view of hk harbour + early mornings + laundry pick-up + magic glass + squatting and smoking + sizzla + nothing

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