on company time

designer sara aspinall (and frankie madonna!)

we reckon dunedin based label company of strangers is one of the most exciting labels to emerge from new zealand for quite some time. after many years spent working with margi robertson on the legendary label nom*d, sara decided it was time to forge her own path, starting her label with recycled leather jackets deconstructed and then reconstructed into super cool bags, jewellery coming next, and then finally the label was expanded to include a collection of effortlessly cool and dark yet quirky clothing...

name of designer: sara aspinall

right now the time is: cup of tea time!

and where abouts in the world are you?: dunedin or fun-eden

date of birth: 9/1/1978

label name: company of strangers

year label started: 2008

my new collection is entitled: misery loves company

concept/motivation behind new collection: take one part motorcycle gang, one part multiple personality disorder and one part constant indecision and shitloads of leather and you get silk georgettes weighted down with chains and leather, a lady who is equally as bad ass biker as she is luxury prima donna. her superhero after dark lifestyle starts creeping into her everyday life.......

the ultimate company of strangers lady or gent is: an individual who takes a piece and makes it their own, has a sense of humour and doesn't take themselves too seriously.

what do you like about new zealand? that you can live in a bubble without being heavily influence with world trends, I can get from my house to work in 5 minutes, i can see the ocean from my bedroom without the million dollar price tag.

shoot, shag or marry: aaah i can't shoot anyone!! shag- bill munro, marry- bill munro (my childhood crush and now fiance)

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… a sea of vintage patched leather....tassles, acid wash...black, suede aaaahh

thank you.

company of strangers is available instore now or online here

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