bernhard willhelm

do you believe in love at first sight?? i do... the first piece of bernhard willhelm that I ever saw was a sweater dress with the word 'plop' emblazoned across it - plop!! jesus!! it was the perfect antidote to all the logo'd, serious, minimalist fashion that was going on at the time, and was just, well, completely absurd!

we are excited and super privileged to be the only store in auckland to carry bernhard's clothing line. as a teaser here is bernhard talking about his spring/summer collection, what he likes to do first thing in the morning, and playing drums in berlin... the collection featured will be in store when we open in mid march. stay tuned.

(ps. during the show check out the full-on outfit in the front row... wowsh!!)

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  1. oh do you mean the walter van beirendonck full face thingy!!!??? how mad is it!