crewsing for a bruising

andrea crews is not afraid of boobs. in fact i would go as far to say they embrace boobs... so to speak. andrea crews clothes are made to have fun in, they have that whole debauched parisian vibe nailed. i reakon they are the kinda girls that would be crazy, mad fun to go out partying with, i can imagine crawling home at 3am through dirty ole paris after a night on the tiles with them. then finding out the next day that they didn't get home until 10am, and after i left they met some guy who owned a boat, and they partied with carine roitfeld and yelle on this boat drinking moet, and smoking, and doing karaoke. and it was crazy. and i would feel lame that i missed all that.

where was i?

oh yeah. andrea crews is cool. the lovely maroussia at andrea crews was kind enough to answer my random questions.

name: my name is maroussia rebecq, dj name is mama roussia, my brand name is andrea crews, my grandma name is "princesse de chine"

right now the time is: it's cold outside but here in my office girls are warm and almost naked!

where abouts in the world are you?: we work in paris but sell worldwide

date of birth: 1983

label name: andrea crews

year label started: 2001

my new collection is entitled: sunset empire, a spring summer collection i produced for chicks that assume their activist and eccentric power!

concept/motivation behind new collection: reinvente the daily life, always playfull and creative!

the ultimate andrea crews lady or gent is: everyone who wants to have fun and those who have cool haircut

what do you know about new zealand? warm wool, gentle lambs, crazy landscapes, huge men with incredible tatoos, yeah it could inspire me for a collection!!

hoot, shag or marry:
shoot : missy elliot
shag : missy elliott
marry : missy elliott

omplete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was: sharp

thank you. thank you james. see you.

the collection featured in the youtube will be available when we open in march.

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