nylon magazine, february 2009

i have long had a dream to live up high in the swiss alps in a little chalet, riding everywhere on my rickity bicycle, with fresh bread and cured meats in my basket, surviving on red wine and cheese fondues... and if i was a girl this image would be complete with a pair of hansel from basel socks, probably the long cable knitted ones with buttons...

but, alas, hansel isn't from basel. there isn't actually even a hansel. it's hannah, from los angeles. but i can forgive her. hannah from los angeles doesn't have the same poetic resonance.

but hannah most definitely knows a thing or two about socks. we will be carrying a mixture of northern hemisphere summer styles, and the southern hemisphere winter collection. from toasty knee highs with colourful knee pads & marionette inspired ankle socks to sexy silk rib tall socks. these definitely aint the kind of socks your nana would give you at christmas time... unless you ask nicely. ok?

the full range of hansel from basel socks will be instore in march.

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