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after obsessively keeping an eye out for any boxes that seemed to be coming towards our shop for what felt like weeks, new york based label salvor projects is finally here! and i think i'm in love... beautiful drapey hand printed modal (the softest, slinkiest knit in the world...!) is panelled cleverly into slinky tunics and dresses, huge photo like scarves are breathtaking when wrapped around the body, but because of the fine knit become beautiful textures when gathered up. and the boots!! ahhhhhhh the boots. I am writing this with my new salvor work boots on, and jeeeeez i'm feeling pretty flash right now.  

salvor projects is stocked in such boutiques as dover street market in london and japan , seven new york and barneys in new york and we are the only stockists in the southern hemisphere...

below is an interview with salvor projects designer ross menuez:

name: ross menuez

right now the time is: 
12:21 pm
and where abouts in the world are you?: 
nyc usa
date of birth: 
december 19,  1965
label name: 
salvor projects

year label started: 
my new collection is entitled: 
"latitude zero"
concept/motivation behind new collection:
err..a bit of a jumble...monica vitti on a sad rocky beautiful island, latitude zero a place under the sea with doomed flying lions, boetti's tapestry of the worlds 1000 longest rivers...these all appear somewhere in the prints for fw09 somehow coming together into a story.
the ultimate salvor project lady or gent is:
jodorowsky meets kamen rider meets the index (you can see something on them, their music here...not much out there)
what do you know about new zealand? 
that any place that could produce the clean and the gordons (along with the rest of flying nun,etc..) is worth trying to get to someday...

shoot, shag or marry:
...shoot- whoever it is in control in the US Navy who thinks it's a good idea to use deep ocean sonar in the name of national defense in spite of what it's doing to the local deep ocean population,   shag- maya deren,  marry - kali the destroyer

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was....
the scene in day of the locust where tod is chasing after faye hopelessly through the backlots on a massive film set that goes on forever and through...ok, it's a borrowed vision but a gorgeous one. perfect.

thank you.

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