will(helm) power!

yahhhh!! just through the door is a big ole' box of insanity from bernhard willhelm's new northern hemisphere winter collection, and it's freakin' awesome!! unisex, oversized tee's are emblazoned with "i'm a pretty good person" and dripping graffitied smiley faces, cotton dresses feature 3 types of checks cleverly panelled together, a stunning black dress with a lurex stripe billows around the body with intricate tucks and gathers, and super cool bright silk dresses that drip and drape around the body. ah-may-zing!

i cant find a video of this show from paris, but here is a super cute interview with diane pernet from back in the day where he concocts her a meal from tulle, and polka dots and explains to her how he knows everyone that buys his pieces - i think this childlike wonderment and his tactile approach to creating clothes is still very apparent in his work. genius.