pony steppin'

yah! the first delivery for summer is always exciting a) because it's new! b) because it means better weather is on it's way!! and first through the door for summer is the first drop from auckland based label deadly ponies. i could wax lyrical for many paragraphs about how cool their bags are, how incredibly supple and beautiful the leather is, how quirky they are, how much i want EVERYTHING... but, uh, well, i guess i don't need to now...

above is what's (left) in the first drop, but it's gunna go quick, some are already pre-ordered, so dont twiddle your thumbs ya'll. ok?? email us on shop@childrenofvision.com or call on 09 379 8930 to bag yours... get it?? bag?? oh, whatever.

new deliveries due in any day now - we'll keep you posted.

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