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we've had the word, peter jensen's resort spring/summer 10 collection has left the uk and is winging it's way to us as we speak. we are big fan's of jensen's quirky take on british buttoned up primness, one part demure, one part disarmingly cute. we'll post pics of the collection when it arrives, but in the mean time brush up on your peter jensen general knowledge with this very thorough interview with ponystep magazine entitled '77 peter jensen-isms', our favourites are:

2. peter’s best friend at school was lise lotte, who was cross-eyed and wore bigger glasses than he did.

15. peter was once stung by a jellyfish.

26. peter’s favourite danish pop group are shit & chanel, who were renamed after being taken to court, to shit & chalou.

47. peter’s biggest regret is not saying hello to vivienne westwood when he once saw her.

58. peter hopes that in ten years time from now he will still be doing what he does at present, but by then would be massively rich and own a summerhouse in sweden, as well as two pug dogs - one called thelma and one called olga - and would look fantastic and talk like posh women and say things like, ‘how silly!’

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