got your eyes on?

from the top, p.a.m 'eyes', geoff mcfetridge 'corbu', deanne cheuk 'gold fingers', p.a.m 'weiner'

to compliment our array of incredible, but alas slightly impractical hand fashioned cardboard sunglasses we decided it was time to get the real thing, and thankfully colab sunglasses have a similarly quirky vibe - and have just arrived instore today - yay!!

colab (as the name suggests) collaborate with guest artists each season, giving them complete and unfettered creative freedom - we have picked some goodies from p.a.m, deanne cheuk, and geoff mcfetridge. 

each frame is one of a limited edition of 1000 throughout the world and individually numbered on the inside arm. all colab sunglasses comply with worldwide standards, regarding sunglare, ultra violet protection and strength against breakage. each pair comes in custom packaging featuring cleaning cloth, carry bag and other treats...

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