tee time

the humble tee is truly a cultural icon, from cladding a certain oh-so-sexy rebel without a cause, to katherine hamnet's supersized and slogan emblazoned tee's. they have been deconstructed, all but obliterated, mass produced and made luxurious, and they show no signs of going anywhere. 

so we were very excited to hear about the mehr als ein t-shirt (more than a t-shirt) exhibition at the bielefelder kunstverein in germany that centers around the notion of the tee shirt as an artistic medium - featuring international artists, designers and fashion designers all contemplating and exploring the idea of the tee shirt through a variety of medium. one of our favourite labels postweiler hauber will present a video and 3 of the spray t-shirts from his “i love my t” ss07 collection, as well as a tapestry made out of t-shirts … he is joined by artists such as tracey emin and jenny holtzer, designers such as vivienne westwood and bless and many more.

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