a'n'd, uh, yeah totally

as we speak a box of treats from london based designers azumi and david (a'n'd) is winging it's way to little ole' new zealand... well actually, according to fedex it's somwhere called 'becton' right now. but never fear! i'm sure it will be safely instore when we open!

the story of a'n'd goes a little something like this (well alot like this, it's off their website). azumi and david studied at central saint martin's in london but met at the troubadour coffee house in london's earl's court in may 1995. they got married in hackney town hall, london on march 10th, 2000 and had their wedding reception on october 14th, 2001 in nagano, japan. they celebrate birthdays on the 8th and 10th april, designating april 9th as a'n'd day.

awwww bless. a'n'd designs are playful, conceptual and timeless - and guaranteed to baffle your aunty.

azumi and david were nice enough to submit to the children of vision interrogation!!

name: azumi and david (a'n'd)

right now the time is: 11.19

and where about's in the world are you?: east london

date of birth: azumi - 8.4.75, david - 10.4.65

label name: azumi and david (a'n'd)

year label started: 1999

how does it work designing/running a business as a duo, who does what? do you ever fight/disagree?? we live/work together as mr and mrs, we do have disagreements but then come to an agreement.

my new collection is entitled: a touch of luxury

concept/motivation behind new collection: things to wear with touches of luxury like fur, cashmere, swarovski, leather

the ultimate a'n'd lady or gent is: elegant with a subtle sense of humour

what do you know about new zealand? we'd love to visit

shoot, shag or marry: meryl streep, george michael, dan carter?: they'd make a lovely menage a trois, don't you think?

complete this sentence, we had a vision and our vision was... aided by our optician - we both wear identical glasses frames so we see things to wear in a very similar way - with an elegant sense of humour.

thank you.

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  1. They sound hilarious! Looking forward to checking out the store and the treats xx