i'm always buying candles as gifts, i think it's because i secretly always want to be given them... i figure if i put enough candle-gift-giving karma out there it's gotta come back at me right? (and a cheap lavender scented tapered candle from the warehouse aint gunna cut it...!)

so, if you are a fine candle appreciator like me (read:snob), then you are about to get obssessed. we have just received a delivery of kitsune candles from paris. stocked at such iconic stores as collette, these candles are a collaboration between perfumer james heeley and clothing label/record label kitsune.

we have both candles in the series:

la glace au pain d'epices (gingerbread icecream) features warm strong scents of ingredients utilized in the classic french recipe including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, white pepper, and ginger with subtle notes of vanilla and dark honey.

la glace au sesame noir (black sesame icecream) is based around deep gourmand notes of dark caramel, immortelle, honey and dry wheat, its rich smooth darkness is highlighted by a soft, almost sweet, creamy scent of vanilla.


the made in france candle will yield over 50 hours of burn time with a high quality woven cotton wick with pewter armature to ensure the wick never wanes.

kitsune candles are exclusive to children of vision in new zealand.

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