give it a good belt!

ok, belts dont usually feel like the most exciting purchase in the world, but barry betham & leanne marshall from auckland based label commence are determined to change all that and in turn make the sexiest belts around, and even though we are unashamedly internationally focussed we love that they are on our own door step!

victorian inspired ruffs become details on wide belts and cuffs, and their classic 'hermiston' belt features a back strap that can be adjusted and worn low or high on the waist. and i don't want to start sounding all 'practical' (shudder) but they are beautifully made and you'll have them for years.

their talents extend further than just adorning the waist too - they have done a selection of stunning hand dyed dresses and perforated leather sheaths exclusively for children of vision.

barry and leanne answered our hard hitting questionnaire and revealed a mutual dislike for chris martin....

name: barry betham & leanne marshall

right now the time is: 11.31pm

and where about’s in the world are you? auckland

date of birth: '73 & '76

label name: commence

year label started: 2003

how does it work designing/running a business as a duo, who does what? we are both involved in all the processes.

do you ever fight/disagree?? yes - we are now.

my new collection is entitled: collection 13

concept/motivation behind new collection: our first collections started from a eccentric widowed woman & always stem from her, in our 13th collection she is playing with rituals & a darker side.

the ultimate commence lady or gent is: someone who appreciates beauty in the atypical

shoot, shag or marry?
barry - shoot: chris martin, shag: lara stone, marry: leanne
leanne - shoot: chris martin, shag: the game, marry: marcel duchamp

complete this sentence, I had a vision and my vision was… to make beautiful things people want to keep forever

thank you.

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